About Us


Getting and keeping the best talent is a top priority for CEOs all over the world. Even in a tough economy, a company’s ability to hold onto and engage key people will determine how well they ride the storm. By leveraging the latest thinking in technology, media, research and branding, Work Group provides businesses with access to a range of solutions and services to enable them to secure the talent they need.

Back in 2001 we predicted that the rise of the internet and access to technology would create a major sea change in the world of recruitment. Work Group began a journey of building a range of services that would respond to the changing dynamics in the human capital market and the new ways employers and candidates would participate in it.

Ten years on we’re helping companies across all market sectors and around the globe to take advantage of a digitally enabled world. Gone is the need to solely rely on traditional head hunting firms, gone too is the assumption that people will want to work for your organisation come what may.

Today's business leaders know that talent is a major differentiator. The smart ones are prepared to invest in understanding, locating, attracting and holding onto that talent to ensure their organisations remain competitive. Work Group maximises the return on that investment.